Important Material Pertaining To Dynamical Systems based Soil Mechanics


Online Course: Dynamical Systems based Soil Mechanics (DSSM)--a short, self-study course.


Important Papers:

1) Physical basis and validation of a constitutive model for soil shear derived from micro-structural changes (pre-publication of International Journal of Geomechanics paper that provides the physical basis of the soil shear dynamical system.)

2) Constitutive Model of Soil Based on a Dynamical Systems Approach (pre-publication of ASCE note showing that soil shear can be described as a dynamical system.)

3) A Dynamical Systems based approach to Soil Shear (pre-publication version of Géotechnique note suporting the premise that soil shear can be described as a dynamical system.)

4) Shear modeled from random particle movement (pre-publication version) Second IACGE Internaltional Conference on Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering, Chengdu, China, Oct. 25-27, 2013.

5) Physical basis of normalizable stress-strain curves for the undrained shear of clays (pre-publication version) GéoMontréal 2013, the 66th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Montreal, Canada, September 29-October 3, 2013.

6) Strain-Rate Effects in Shear Highlighted by a Dynamical Systems Model (

7) Generalized Dynamical Systems Soil Deformation Model (

8) Viscosity and Secondary Consolidation in One-Dimensional Loading (


Critical State Soil Mechanics

An evaluation of Critical State Soil Mechanics (A review of Prof. Schofield's new book; its conclusion is an evaluation of CSSM)


Ph.D Dissertations dealing with the Steady State Condition

Gonazlo Castro's Ph.D Dissertation from Harvard (Important work on liquefaction and the steady state condition)

Ron Hirschfeld's Ph. D Dissertation from Harvard (Important information on low strain shear behavior)

Dan LaGatta's Ph.D Dissertation from Harvard (Important information on strain rate and the steady state strength)



Boulder Shear Strength Conference Photographs (Rare photographs from the historic conference on the shear strength of cohesive soils held at Boulder Colorado, USA, June, 1960)